Ola Kozlova – Solo Exhibition

August 2016


Hannah King – I Can’t Do Anything

Thursday, 9th June – Thursday, 21st July


‘I Can’t Do Anything’ is a series of paintings by Hannah King exploring female instincts, introspection, and the wildish nature of women. Originally inspired by an X-Ray Spex song of the same name, this exhibition tells a story of creativity, and fighting the urge to conform.

Hannah King is a painter and illustrator from Gateshead. Having studied illustration at Middlesex University, she has exhibited work at the London Poetry Society Café and Kingsgate Gallery, Holborn. Since graduating, Hannah has been nominated for an Association of Illustrators award and subsequently shown a piece at Somerset House, been featured in the Stool Pigeon magazine and enjoyed working on commissions.

Mainly inspired by everyday, almost mundane, thoughts, feelings and experiences, Hannah then combines these with vivid dreams, books, music and cultural icons. Covering themes of sexuality, growth, and femininity, these bold pieces combine tongue-in- cheek humour with strong, thoughtful intentions.

Liam Collins – Audiotypes

Thursday, 9th June – Thursday, 21st July

Liam Collins flyer

Audiotype images are created using a unique photographic process; they are a combination of a long exposure portrait and a visulisation of a recording of the subject’s speaking voice. The images contain more of the person than a traditional photographic portrait; they contain their voice and their mannerisms captured through sonic visualisation.

Liam Collins (b.1993, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK) is a recent photography graduate of the University of Cumbria. He has been involved in several group exhibitions in Carlisle, Newcastle Upon Tyne, London and Berlin. In 2014 he was awarded the Young Cumbrian Artist of the Year award for the series Audiotypes which is presented here.

Urban Junk – The Late Shows 2016

  Saturday, 14th May, 7pm-11pm


Smoothies? Art & music? Cocktails? If any of these sound like your sort of thing then visit our urban junk project space!
System is joining forces with the Ugly Ducking pop-up bar to create a space where art and ‘waste’ collide. All drinks, whether they are beer or juices, will be made from up-cycling edible food waste.
Experience the Arthur’s Hill-Billy sound system, playing tracks from local DJ’s. To add to this madness we will be celebrating the end of the CUT exhibition, where you are invited to take part in creating a vibrant collaborative collage, as well as the up-cycling workshops.


CUT – Exploring Collage, Part 2

Exhibition preview: 7pm, Thursday 28th of April, 2016

29.04.16- 14.05.16

cut2 banner

This second installment of CUT opens at 7pm, Thursday 28th April featuring work from Paula Adams and Pipi Lovell-Smith.

Paula Adams makes work that is at once sculpture, painting and photographic print. Using what is available (a room, a photograph, personal possessions) paring this down, cutting it up, re-assembling it, drawing onto it – getting past its surface appearance to create different sets of visual meanings. The work resonates with Duchamp’s comment that, to ‘create’ is to insert an object into a new scenario, to consider it a character in a narrative, which gives objects an anthropomorphic connotation and implies that a particular relationship is generated from the simple positioning of one thing next to another.

Pipi Lovell-Smith’s focus is to explore narrative, and how we tell stories about ourselves – both in the past and present tense.
She uses travel and tourism as the basis to investigate how our experiences as tourists are situated within specific cultural narratives around looking and site-seeing, as well as within expectations of how to be a tourist. By reappropriating her own travel photographs and videos, Pipi hopes to reconstruct a new narrative, blending fact with a fictionalised version. These works look at these intersections where our behaviour in a public place collides with our understanding of history, cultural identity and travel.



Immersive light art installation by Justas Bø

18/03/16 – 29/03/16

Exhibition opening: 7pm, Thu 17th of March, 2016.

Randomly flickering space surrounded with metal mesh structures, like a stripped down brutalism uploaded to the internet. RESTLESS is the most recent immersive light art installation by Justas Bø. Postmodern light art installation is adjoining two characteristically opposing worlds: fluid and diversified digital culture with rigid and monumental urban architecture.

Randomly flickering space surrounded with metal mesh structures, like a stripped down brutalism uploaded to the internet.
RESTLESS is the most recent immersive light art installation by Justas Bø. Postmodern light art installation is adjoining two characteristically opposing worlds: fluid and diversified digital culture with rigid and monumental urban architecture.


CUT – Part 1

08.04.16- 21.04.16

Exhibition preview: 7pm, Thursday 7th of April, 2016


‘Where is the artistry in the representation of a facsimile? It is the act of selection, in the moment of choice, in the significance of the act of the artist” – David Thorp, art critic.

This first installment of CUT opens on Thursday 7th April until Thursday 21st April featuring work from Graham Watson and Izzy Mills.

Graham Watson’s practice is a continuation of the Surrealist practice which aims to resolve the contradictory conditions of dream and reality. Using image appropriation and traditional cut and paste techniques to create collages primarily concerned with the evocation of the magical, a childhood sense of wonder, and possibility and consequently nostalgia, it’s power both equally ecstatic and melancholic. Watson embraces free association in his practice and avoids narrative an underlying impetus often pervades the work.


Isabel Mills is an artist studying in her second year at Newcastle University. Recently she has been working extensively with collage, more specifically with images of space and goldfish. These playful collages are inspired by the absurd writings of Douglas Adams, where improbable things and objects pop in and out of existence. The juxtaposing imagery of fish, living and swimming around in space, whilst impossible somehow become believable. These surreal collages merge and confuse fact with fantasy, reality with dream.


Out Out by Lucy Chenery

out out

An exhibition by Lucy Chenery

Preview 14th December 6-9pm followed by live music 

Open from 15th-16th December 12-6pm

“In some sense, of course, all sculpture configures the human body; that is, it operates as a model – of wildly divergent kinds – of the human subject” – Rosalind Krauss 

Lucy Chenery’s work is primarily concerned with how people, objects and architecture affect and navigate space through the medium of sculptural installation. Often contrasting a formalist aesthetic with swollen, visceral forms, the sculptures aim to create a precarious narrative between subject and object. Chenery is fascinated by phenomenological responses to sculpture, the objects often resembling the body through scale, shape and colour. Her attention to surface and materiality arouses the desire to touch and corporeally engage with the compositions, stimulating an obscure relationship between the work and the viewer.

Lucy Chenery, originally from Surrey, is currently studying a Fine Art BA (Hons) degree at Newcastle University. Also interested in curatorial and collective work she is currently interning as an Events and Exhibition Assistant for CIRCA Projects, Newcastle and has curated various shows during her time as a student.